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"Making the difference in life starts with Just A Touch Of Love, because a touch of love can go a long way”.

About Us

Vision Statement

The vision and goal of Just A Touch Of Love is to prepare children for their lifelong educational journey. We construct our curriculum, lesson plans and schedule around each child’s; Physical, Social, Cognitive, Language and Emotional Developmental needs. It is our intention to provide each of our students with the best early educational experience that will set them on the right path for their future stages in learning.

We Believe

  • All children have the right and the capability to learn. 
  • All children have an individual learning style and skill. 
  • Children are more receptive to learn in a clean, safe and nurturing environment.
  • Children learn through play and hands-on experiences. 
  • The learning experience should not be limited to a specific area, instead learning should be incorporated throughout the entire childcare experience.
  • Respect of the different views, opinions, and experiences of others is important.

The Role Parents Play

Your needs and your child's needs are our top priority. We work closely with parents and our community to obtain resources that allow us to provide high-quality childcare and education. Therefore your active cooperation and participation in your child’s educational experiences are necessary. Parent/Legal Guardians are crucial in the pursuit of higher learning. Effective communication between administrator/staff and parents is essential in building healthy and positive relationships.